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KODUTU BLACK battery-operated portable wood chip heater

  • Enjoy the exquisitely subtle fragrance of agarwood, sandalwood and pressed incense (In-Koh). Convenient size is suitable for travel or using on a desk.
  • ¥9,300
    Note:Exchange rate is for reference only.
Size: D 5.9 cm x H 10.6 cm

Battery: AAA x 4 pieces

Kodutu unit, Mica plate x 3 pieces), Sandalwood,
Plastic case for mica plates and Aromatic wood,
Bamboo tweezers, Portable pouch
(Batteries are NOT included.)

This product is made based on Japan safety standard. The warranty system is not applicable for the usage outside of Japan.
In the case product has an initial failure, contact us via email within seven days of delivery.