Seasonal Features

Here is a little something we would like to suggest as a seasonal recommendation.
There are story-telling combinations of incense and trays/ holders/ burners.
We wish it would blend into your daily living and be a good companion of your “Life with Fragrance”.

Waiting for Spring to Bloom
A Moment Filled with the Fragrance of Flowers

After a long winter, the weather is finally becoming more spring-like.
The wind and the sun are getting warmer by the day, the buds of the flowers are unfurling and the joyous season is upon us.
We are delighted to introduce you a flowery set of [KUNRO Kaho] and [Incense Burner Teddy] for this Seasonal Features.

Though the Spring Mountain are Far Away in the Haze
The Wind that Blows in Smells Like Flowers

In this season, many flowers, plants and trees have survived the winter and are finally growing in the warm air in Japan.
What scents will the chilly spring breeze bring?
Let your heart fill with the fresh happiness and enjoy the spreading scenes of flowers in full bloom with fragrances.

Flower Garden, Being Elegant
Floral Sweetness with a Hint of Green

The KUNRO” series of fragrances expresses the time and memories during travels.

‘Kaho’ is a sandalwood-base incense which has sweet, sour and refreshing scents.
Warm, powdery sweetness, as if surrounded by flowers. Within this, there is a faint greenish aroma layer, like that of green grass.

The packaging of “80 sticks” is designed with a special feature that allows the incense to be slid out.
It comes with a simple incense holder and this item is recommended for those who want to use many of their favorite scents.

Like a Pure Blooming White Flower
Loveliness That Stands Calmly

The clean, sparkling white of the porcelain ‘Incense Burner Teddy/ Bunny’ series. A lovely incense burner with softly blooming flowers and gentle atmosphere.
Enjoy the unique texture of porcelain, which is different from the texture of pottery.

“Incense Burner Teddy'' has a pink ribbon that stands out against its transparent white color.
Although it looks adorable like a stuffed animal, it has the refreshing cleanliness and elegance of white porcelain, and its simple atmosphere also blends well into Western-style interiors.

Surrounded with a Gentle Scent
Time to Wait for Spring, Quietly

Stick or cone type incense can be used.

When you light “Kaho”, the smoke gently wafts from the bear’s ears, giving off a sweet, refreshing scent that will make you feel like you are inside a flower garden.
As spring approaches, it is recommended not only when you want to take a breather, but also as a welcoming scent to welcome guests.

In the days of both cold and warm, the season is definitely heading towards spring, little by little.
What kind of encounters await you when the swollen buds reach full bloom?
Why not take the time to prepare yourself for the new days that will soon come, while being surrounded with this rich scent of flowers?

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